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These are files that have been made available by the community and approved for sharing by New Entity Operations Inc. as the third party vettign entity.

Library: code

Current Software Package

If you have a valid key, you can download the software here.
v.1.0.9: wy28nvzbeity2890aey34nsblpanefyu Download

Each certified part of the source package will be available for download here if you're logged in. Each part will change depending on the minimum viable structure for operating and interacting with the site over the years. When a part is changed, the change will be automatically reflected here. This process will soon be automatic.

Certified parts must be developed from scratch by a programmer to be considered here. Most of the official parts don't rely on anything outside of the standard library or the packages shipped with the official distributions implementation languages software. So in Python, it'll be vanilla Python 3.XX with some of the base packages in use.

When this methodology is abided by, the complete library/code or distribution of each part will be certified for download here. Some past source code packages can be found here for review: Version 1

Various scripts and meta-structures can be linked into your CORE.HOST™ workflow as long as they're compliant structures themselves. The structure can be anthing as long as the container structure is itself compliant. EntityScript™ defined a lot of the allowed workflow and reasons why certain behavior is premitted or not allowed.

Many of the file types can be used to design games and other special extended allowed format types.

Property Table

The default script start position is .CORE/CORE and it is setup as a basic reader and writer by default but can be extended to include any automated setup routine. Everything else is bound by independent parts from there. There are two types of part described here. The first is known as a "part" and represents a single instance of code running either as a part of some other unit or as a stand alone program inside C.ORE™. The other is called a "meta-structure" and represents a single contained resource point that can contain 0, 1, or many additional parts and meta-structures.

ID Part Doc-link type of part description of part Type Download Link
1all_packagespartThe exact packages running within the virtual environment at this timePythonDownload
2build_listpartThe general packages running within the virtual environment at this timePythonDownload
3core_addpartcore_add is a module to make, create, alter, and reseed both 'LOCAL', 'SYSTEM', and 'GLOBAL' communication attributes, including 'logs of last resort'.PythonDownload
4core_alertspartcore_alerts is a module to establish alert markers and related behaviorPythonDownload
5core_architectpartcore_architect is a module to establish a handlers for various digital groupings. You can either account for those groupings or use them to make quantified/qualifying output according to base example methods.PythonDownload
6core_buildpartcore_build reads system resources and makes determinations about build or system choice made by the operator.PythonDownload
7core_configpartcore_config allows you to turn certain system modules on or off at setup PythonDownload
8core_countpartcore_count counts entries in your quick context-file and checks to see if the system is currently counting timePythonDownload
9core_creatorpartcore_creator allows you to create a .entity/.ds relationship in text-mode and system routines for modules running within C.ORE that rely on add/edit/delete methodologyPythonDownload
10core_FRONTENDpartcore_FRONTEND holds human-to-machine interaction code in a user-defined interfacePythonDownload
11core_gatekeeperpartcore_gatekeeper handles default authentication tasks and will permit or kick members according to set definitionsPythonDownload
12core_gatherpartcore_gather gives the operator methods for locating .entity/.ds relationships with dlist_drill()PythonDownload
13core_graphicspartcore_graphics gives basic X, Y, Z coordinate systems for use within C.OREPythonDownload
14core_hashpartcore_hash provides hash routines to use within C.OREPythonDownload
15core_interfacepartcore_interface is the call logic to system interaction scripts and other 'system resources' such as audio, visual, or bus programsPythonDownload
16core_languagepartcore_language can serve as a language check script and enforcement mechanism.PythonDownload
17core_middlelayerpartcore_middlelayer lets you extend your core_settings file into manageable write protected sectionsPythonDownload
18core_modifypartcore_modify allows you to perform basic read/write operations in C.OREPythonDownload
19core_navigatorpartcore_navigator lets you connect your interface into various parts of the underlying machinePythonDownload
20core_openpackagerpartcore_openpackager manages package meta-data and system package inspectionsPythonDownload
21core_operationspartcore_operations is the default helper stack for C.ORE containing useful classes and methodsPythonDownload
22core_RUNpartTie a system routine to the C.ORE activation methodPythonDownload
23core_seekerpartcore_seeker gives a basic seek system for text-modePythonDownload
24core_serverpartcore_server manages your personal server instancePythonDownload
25core_settingspartcore_settings is the default configurations reader and read/write configurations slug_makerPythonDownload
26core_START_SERVERpartTie startup routines to the server startup instance methodPythonDownload
27core_transmitterpartcore_transmitter takes I/O tasks and turns them into phase based threadsPythonDownload
28core_urlpartcore_url holds retrieval methods for URL and other network based operationsPythonDownload
29core_viewpartcore_view allows you to view various objects in C.OREPythonDownload
30MANIFESTpartFile add manifestPythonDownload
31setuppartSetup the program and view base package meta-dataPythonDownload
47ResourcePoolpartCreate local resource poolsPythonDownload
48StandardOutput01partCreate a input processor forkPythonDownload
49StandardVisualBuild02partCreate interface components as fork-able objectsPythonDownload
50StandardExtension03partCreate package meta-structures as fork-able objectsPythonDownload
51StandardDocumentViewer04partCreate a document-viewing standard that can be added on to allow for various desired formatsPythonDownload
52op_BROWSEMEHpartView system visual resourcesPythonDownload
53op_EVENTLOLLIpartAd serving and interactive display writerPythonDownload
54op_REMINDMEpartTime-keeping mechanism for C.OREPythonDownload
56constructed_classpartTo build compliant meta-structuresPythonDownload
57fetch_OREpartTo retrieve Operations Resource Enclaves existing within the systemPythonDownload
58ingest_commandspartTo retrieve Operations Resource Enclaves existing within the systemPythonDownload

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