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Configurations allow you to extend entity-centric systems

These are the basic configurations for CORE.HOST™ clients. The client application is written in vanilla Python 3.10.

Public C.ORE™ Configurations: 218 Tracked

ID location configuration description
1 archive.ini Set archive values
2 browsemeh.ini Set up visual resources
3 config.ini Standard program variables
4 core.ini Standard system variables
5 design_basics.ini Basic output strings to aid with text-mode visual output
6 eventlolli.ini Create event-driven notifications, alerts, and audio visual routines
7 gatekeeper.ini Define access control values
8 interface.ini Set available interface and system variables
9 lockerlinks.ini Set location resources for your machine
10 network.ini Configure network values
11 openpackager.ini Authenticate and enforce meta-check behavior
12 remindme.ini Build time-based variable pools
13 ring.ini Set program enforcement values
14 special.ini Create reusable special resources
15 testing.ini Define testing variables
16 VCN.ini Create a key-based authentication mechanism
17 XYZObjects.ini Set visual parameters

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Private C.ORE™ Configurations: 201 Tracked