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Version Date Overview Hash
v.1.0.102023/03/01Gamma V9RRB3
1.) Unbocked the top 250 websites in CORE.HOST™ to the general public. You can view one by going to the short link for each instance. The top sites all have generic through links that are now opened (
2.) Continued the unifying of past templating systems that were fragmented due to various prototype verions existing at the same time. They're all more or less consistent now.
3.) Reimpleneted the gateway signal processor to alert users to the state of the website utilizing the gatekeeper module. Before it was set to off to weed out certain bots that have since been dealt with. Now, if you're trying to enter portals that don't exist most of the states have been reintroduced and tightened up for production. Before everything was set to "off" and it made it hard to understand what was happening when you were clicking around the site - this wasn't random. It was a feature of the Alpha/Beta. The gatekeeper module will make it easier to navigate the site and learn hwo to use it once it's fully launched in the coming weeks. It's gradually being integrated over the beginning of March.
4.) Each valid-key can now create their own lockerlink list that displays on the front page of the site and set their site-wide cookie to never expire if you wish to use CORE.HOST™ as your home page online. You get a maximum of 5 lockerlink lists for now.
5.) Started tuning the site delivery to prepare for production including minifying CSS, properly serving media assets, establishing cache policies for site-wide behavior, and implementing security modules for each public-facing component.

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